HT12-17 AGM VRLA Battery Small GFM

Valtage: 6V, 12V
Capacity: 1.3Ah to 28Ah

Designed floating service life:15 ~ 20 years designed life at 20oC / 68oF

Model: HT12-17
Capacity: 17Ah
Volt: 12V
Size: 181×77×167×167 mm


General Features:
● Non-spillable
● Sealed and Maintenance-free Operation
● High quality AGM separator
● Special formula of active material
● Exceptional Deep Discharge Recovery
● Good performance at high-rate discharging
● Wide suitability of ambient temperature: 0 ~ 40℃
● Oxygen recombination efficiency rate: >=98%HT12-17 AGM VRLA Battery Small GFM(图1)

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