Thicker PP/ABS Container made by own automated plastic molding machine for extra strength in extreme high temperature conditions.


  • Computer Controlled Battery Formation

  • Absorbed Glass Mat(AGM) Technology for Motive and Industrial battery

  • Good quality plates provide High Recovery Capability for instant recharge



Electrolyte Suspension System

Battery Automated Assembly Line

  • Advanced plates welding, casting and through wall welding technique for sturdy welding and low internal resistance.

  • Equipped With venting exhaust System to vent out fumes.

Quality Assurance

  • For quality assurance 100% Visual & Electrical Inspection are taken in place. Goods tested on Sophisticated, High Rate Discharge, Polarity, Short Circuit machines and other quality tests to ensure high quality, long life and manufacturing defects free products.

Environment Green

  • We obtained Environmental assessment & acceptance certificate for consecutive years.

  • Our operational principal revolves a commitment to conserve the diversity and integrity of life on earth to secure the needs of current and future generations. It is, therefore, we have imported Eco-Friendly, sophisticated & fully automated manufacturing machines from Europe, USA and Far East.

  • Our nationwide sales & service network recalls used lead-acid battery for environmental friendly recycling to minimize the threat posed by muddled disposal of lead. we have collaboration with our reputed technological partners where the finally used batteries are dismantled & reprocessed for other purposes.